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Facebook Promotion Tips for Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters

Some Numbers Don't Matter Much Anymore.

Have you seen those posts where pages are Begging and Pleading for "Likes"???

Usually... the are trying to get to some milestone... "Help us get to 500 likes by Friday"... "Almost to 2000 likes, spread the news"... etc...

Remember the good old days of Facebook, where this was the important number:

Those days are gone. (In case you haven't heard).

"Likes" are still important... to some extent. But Facebook has changed the way they look at pages. Collecting "Likes" to have a big number, is no longer what Facebook looks at. They are much more interested in new numbers:

How many people actually "see" your posts, as well as how many people click, like, comment, or otherwise "engage" with your posts is the most important thing FB "looks at".

Why should you care what Facebook thinks?

Well... first of all, something like 80% of the people who "see your group's posts"... see them in their newsfeed. Read that again... we will wait...

What this means is that MOST people DO NOT visit your Facebook page to see your posts. They are busy scrolling through their (sometimes crowded) newsfeed to see what posts by their friends and "liked" pages are showing up.

AND... one of the things that determines how well your posts show up in their newsfeed... is how popular your page is... (i.e. how much your fans interact with your posts.) Posts by popular pages show up first in your fan's newsfeed.

For example... if your fan "Liked" 5 pages (including yours)... and the other 4 pages were more popular/active than yours... their posts would be given higher priority in your fan's newsfeed. (There are several factors that affect this, more on this later.)

Now do you see why making your fans feel un-important and not encouraging them to post can hurt your Facebook exposure? Can you see why making it easy for fans to simply "Like" your page and start posting can give you benefits over having them "friend request" you and wait for a reply?

The funny thing is, Facebook started doing this a long time ago, but only recently provided stats to page owners. There were rumors that this was happening, and many of us involved in Facebook Marketing had noticed this new trend.

We always knew that having an active "fan base" was much more important than having a large number of "Likes". We see this with the groups that participate in our t-shirt fundraising. We would find groups who had a very large "Like" count, but did not have that many "supportive" fans. On contrast, we would find groups that did not have 1000's of fans, but the fans they did have were very active on their FB page, very supportive of the group, and when it came time to promote fundraisers, these small groups, with a lot of fan interaction, frequently did much better.

So now Facebook is simply telling us something we already knew. Collecting "Likes" is not as important as encouraging "fan interaction" with your page.

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