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Facebook Promotion Tips for Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters

Many of Your Fans Can't SEE You!

Let's revisit this number for a moment:

This number represents ALL the people that have liked your
page since it started, minus any un-likes.

Some groups understand that most people see their posts via newsfeeds, as opposed to actually visiting their facebook page. However, many are under the impression that their posts are seen by ALL their fans. This is SO not true.

Have you ever seen posts that say:
"We have 5000 fans, if everyone just gave $1 we could raise $5000 for..."???

Those NEVER work... and not just because their fans are too cheap to give a dollar.

Posts on your page are seen by a very SMALL percentage of your fans... and this is for several reasons. One of the main reasons is "relevance".

You see... Facebook makes it easy to "Like" pages... your newsfeed includes posts by your friends and by pages you have "Liked". But many people have ton's of friends and many "Liked" pages... so to keep your newsfeed from being too busy, posts from friends and pages you have interacted with lately (and frequently) are the ones that are shown in your newsfeed.

If you have a fan that has only "Liked" 5 pages... there is a good chance your posts will show up in their newsfeed regardless. However, if your fan has "Liked" 100 pages, and has not "been to" your page, or "commented on" one of your posts in a few months... your posts NO LONGER show up in their newsfeed.

Relevance Matters... Fan Interaction (with your page) Matters

Collecting "Likes" from people who have no reason or desire to visit your page or comment on one of your posts, simply gives you a large "Like" number... Quality of your "Likes" (i.e. people who will interact with your page) is much better than quantity.

You want REAL fans who will support your group...
not just a bunch of one-time "Likes"

Post Reach and Engagement are the numbers that matter.

On our RESCUED! FB Page, we are always encouraging our fans to interact with our page. We ask for fans to post pictures of their rescued pets on our wall and share their adoption success stories... we ask questions that many people can relate to and hopefully answer... we share funny incidents about pets, and ask our fans to add their stories... and sometimes, we just ask people to "Like" a statement we make.

OK here is a test... Which post do you think would get better newsfeed exposure.

A. We will have an adoption event at the Main Street PETCO Saturday from Noon to 4pm, please stop by and see us. (This post received 5 comments from fans.)


B. We will have an adoption event at the Main Street PETCO Saturday from Noon to 4pm, please stop by and see us... Please click "Like" if you appreciate PETCO's partnership with Animal Rescues. (This post received 17 comments and 48 "Likes")

B is the correct answer... and it didn't take much. It took an "announcement" type of post, and added a "fan interaction" component to it. Not only would "B" show up higher in your fan's newsfeed... but with every new "Like", it stays high... getting more exposure, more likes, and more comments.

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