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Facebook Promotion Tips for Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters

Drawing in "Far Away" Fans

Yes... we know we just finished a chapter all about starting "local" when building a fan base. And for small rescues and shelters starting out, that is the way to go.

However, a large part of what we do is fundraising for rescue groups... most of that being through our Animal Rescue T-Shirts... and we have found that many groups get sales from all across the country... not just locally.

So there are many benefits, AFTER you have a network of local volunteers, fosters, supporters in place, to expand your "long distance" fan base.

Actually, when we used the term "Far Away" Fans, we were thinking both geographically (fans from other states, far away from you) and fans that do not necessarily frequent "rescue" type of pages.

Remember... if you ONLY hang out on rescue related Facebook pages, a lot of the time, you are simply "preaching to the choir".

There are many ways to gain exposure to your Facebook page, that do not involve begging for 'Likes', or other tactics that just bring you warm bodies.

Here is one idea...

Let's say you rescued a Beagle or Beagle-Mix, and you are now looking to rehome this dog. You now have a reason (excuse) to post on every Beagle related Facebook page you can find.

NOT to say... "will someone please adopt this dog"... that is simply crossposting.

No... try something like this:

We have a rescued Beagle that we will be putting up for adoption soon. If you own a Beagle, and can share some specific advice for potential new owners... please drop by our FB Page and share your experience.

Be sure to include a picture.

People love to share info about their dogs... and if they hang out on breed specific Facebook pages, even more so. Fans who click through to your page via this type of post, will often stay and be a long term fan and supporter.

Now that we think about it, adding your city to the post, may be a way to attract local fans as well. After all, there are people in your city... right now... that have NEVER even heard of your group. Believe it or not.

So an improved version would look like this: 

We have a rescued Beagle that we will be putting up for adoption soon (in the Charleston, SC area). If you own a Beagle, and can share some specific advice for potential new owners... please drop by our FB Page and share your experience.

Don't be afraid to visit other sites, invite people to visit your page, and ask them to share their experiences, stories, advice, etc...

FAN INTERACTION is #1... and getting new fans to come to your page and join your community, is a great way to build a large and supportive fan base.

Think about it... there are 1000's upon 1000's of pages you can post on.
(Spay and Neuter pages, Pet food/Pet Supply/Pet Treat pages, SPCA's, Humane Societies, dog training, pet sitting, pet grooming, breed specific pages, etc...)

And the reasons/topics you can use to post (and invite people to visit your page) are nearly endless. Asking people to share stories/character traits of a specific breed is just one idea. How about pets with certain health concerns? Certain injuries? Disabilities? Behavioral issues? Training issues? Bad Habits?

Potential fans are everywhere... you just need to find a REASON to post on other pages (so more people find out about you) and a REASON to invite them to your page to post. Think outside the box... and watch your fan base explode!

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